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So what have we been up to this March?


We are delighted to have launched our 2-hour Active Bystander Workshop in the Music industry this week.  This is following on from our anti-harassment training last year and starting to ensure that we are helping organisations to take a top down and bottom up approach to encouraging the right behaviours in the business.  It is easy for an organisation to set values and tell people the behaviours they expect but how can they truly ensure an inclusive culture.

So what is it all about?

We can all be bystanders. Every day events unfold around us. At some point, we will register a potentially dangerous situation, someone who is potentially in a difficult situation, or in distress. When this happens, we will decide to do or say something (and become an active bystander), or to simply let it go (and remain a passive bystander).

When we intervene, we signal to the person that their behaviour is unacceptable. If such messages are constantly reinforced within a community, we can shift the boundaries of what is considered acceptable and problem behaviour can be stopped either in safety or in behavioural issues.

Learning to recognise when someone is compromised and how you can intervene safely is an essential skill. Safely intervening could mean anything from a conversation regarding implications, a disapproving look, interrupting or distracting someone, not laughing at a sexist or a violent joke, talking to a colleague about their behaviour in a non-confrontational way, to caring for a friend who’s experienced problematic behaviour. Other times, it means asking friends, managers or HR for help.

The workshop is an interactive, discussion session using real case studies and delegate’s examples to help people to

IDENTIFY behaviours that could be classed as safety issues, bullying or harassment

DEVELOP empathy for those experiencing these behaviours and understand the importance of supportive behaviour

PRACTICE safe and appropriate intervention skills

COMMIT to intervene before, during and after an incident occurs

Delegates have reported feeling more empowered after the workshop and feeling better equipped to intervene and know how to word their statements.


Emerge is extremely proud to have partnered with BT Sport over the last year and this week will see the conclusion of their ‘In Front’ management programme with the final module – Sustaining Our Success. This final module offers the important moment of reflection of how things have gone and what we should celebrate and learn from as we build our plans for the next year. Do we do this kind of activity enough in all aspects of our work? With so much data and insight available to management now for how to get the best from their people, how can we make changes for the better that will enable and empower our people to accelerate towards greater things?

So what is it all about?

Leadership – but is it by luck or judgement? Managers across all industries are challenged daily to apply the best practices to get the best out of their people for the business and for their own job enrichment. This offers awesome opportunities for management to flex their leadership credentials and to apply knowledge and skills which, if we’re honest, can often lay dormant. Agility is key and making a conscious effort to connect with their people will yield terrific results. So why does it go wrong?

We are all guilty of getting caught up in the manic nature of the business and often can be found to be rattling off numerous emails at a ridiculous time of night (or even during the night when most are sleeping). We fall into the trap of being overly ‘task-focused’. This one example in the practice of communicating neglects that crucial element of relationship building and that all-important sincere and authentic opportunity to check in with our people and to ask ‘how are you doing?’

If you haven’t done it yet as a leader or as a business – stop the ride for a bit! Gather your thoughts, reflect on what’s going on, consider the data and insight around us (and also check in with what your instincts are telling you). It’s time to make some crucial decisions – some better decisions for how you as a leader can influence a more positive environment, influence better results and create better connections with our people.


Many times people think they understand how to set goals, but then they never quite achieve what they were after. One common reason is that their goals aren’t compelling or inspiring. You’re much more likely to put time and energy into something that excites you, so your goals should reflect that same level of momentum. We’re talking goal-setting that makes you leap out of bed in the morning ready to go. Think of a goal as a dream with a deadline. So how do you create a compelling goal?

Emerge can help equip your leaders to not only shape their energising goals but to compel others to shape their own goals and hold engaging discussions that support employees to help themselves. What are you waiting for?

Want to know more about setting goals and staying on track? Read our blog here!



We are currently supporting an organisation to launch an ongoing coaching programme that really embeds skills starting with a huge kick off event for 600 managers – in the USA!  This is a major design feat as we are keen for managers to have as much practice at the event as they possibly can so we are thinking very creatively.


One of our very forward thinking clients who has experienced immense success with RISE our empowered Women’s Development Programme has decided to offer the content of the programme to men. The RISE for men received outstanding reviews, here is one; “Thanks for an excellent couple of days last week – a thoroughly enjoyable, thought-provoking and inspiring session.”

Empowering Women’s Workshop with Hants Digital Women

Hants Digital Women are delighted to offer you the opportunity to attend a workshop on “The 8 Traits of Successful Women”, alongside time for networking, in a welcoming environment with refreshments provided.

Why are there not more Women in Senior positions? This debate is being played out in organisations all around the world as the spotlight is turned on gender parity. This interactive workshop looks at what it takes for women to be successful, with insights from Gillian Jones-Williams, who has worked as an Executive Coach to senior women in multinational organisations for the last 15 years and presents women’s workshops both in the UK and Middle East.

This workshop looks at the 8 Traits of Successful Women and explores how women manage to achieve a life by design rather than a life by accident!


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