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Here is a short Introduction to Emerge Coaching from director Gillian Jones

If there is one single message about coaching that we have discovered from our clients, it seems to be that they would like their managers to see coaching as an everyday activity and not something that the managers will do when they have the time! We agree!  Whether we are working with organisations to change their culture to one of empowerment, training managers to coach or mentor, accrediting coaches or supplying executive coaches – we are dedicated to the philosophy of coaching.

For years we have provided training for managers who coach. However, we recognise that when coaching, there are so many potential scenarios that a manager could be asked to deal with and that they will often need a wide range of tools. Therefore, we have produced a practical handbook which supplies the foundation tools of coaching and then provides the very best of our coaching tools packaged in an easy to use format. We have produced a master file of tips and techniques that our own coaches use in the field and when designing a training programme, we work with a client to select what would be appropriate to include in a toolkit for their managers.

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If you are interested in Coaching, read further about Implementing a Coaching Culture, how to Qualify as a Coach, and take a look at how experienced our executive coaches are.

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