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Don’t Mention the Menopause!

I recently presented at a Legal IT Conference and had the pleasure of having dinner with the group in the evening – no surprise that out of the 50 CIOs […]

Sport, Sarcasm and Sexism

So, yet another week where sexist behaviour takes centre stage – and this time on a very public stage – the Ballon d’Or annual French football awards. Following a decade […]

International Women’s Day

8 Traits of Successful Women As you probably know the 8th of March is International Women’s Day (IWD). A day when women are recognised for their achievements without regard to […]

How diverse is YOUR workplace?

Look around you. What’s the make-up of your team/department? Does it represent a mix of gender, ages, races, physical abilities and skills? Or are you all quite similar across these […]

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