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RISE – Empowered Women’s Development Programme

 Gender-balanced executive committees have a 56% higher operating profit than companies with male-only committees.

-McKinsey & Co –

To many, gender parity is all about being fair -but for businesses today it is about access to talent.  Female employees are a huge benefit for organisations, however, women still face many challenges in climbing the career ladder.

Organisations need to support women to realise their true potential in their careers and enhance their contributions. To do this we need to create the right environment. Offering a development programme to women as part of your Inclusion and Diversity Strategy creates a safe environment for women to; examine their strengths and how to maximise them, discuss how to enhance and enrich their careers and consider practical strategies for increasing success. 

The RISE Women’s Development Programme has been designed to help the women in your business reach their true potential. 

RISE consists of a Foundation Day and six half day modules.

The Foundation Day enables delegates to;

•Articulate their unique strengths and contributions 

•Explore challenges they face that hold them back

•Deal effectively with the cross-organisational currents  in play

•Understand more about internal programming that holds them back

•Influence a variety of stakeholders.

It also allows the team to build a supportive network in their cohort that will stay with them through their development journey.

The programme is an exciting and experiential set of workshops that will provide your delegates with the knowledge and confidence to play to their strengths and overcome barriers they are facing, build gravitas, and manage difficult situations. 

The programme integrates leading edge research with participant’s personal experiences to provide practical learning and a usable toolkit of strategies.

•Realising your potential –what needs to happen?

•What are my goals and aspirations and how do I achieve them?

•‘Introduction to Strengths’ exercise –focusing on what you are uniquely good at!

•Increasing motivation and resilience.

•Beliefs and self-esteem –empower yourself by changing self-limiting beliefs.

•Developing gravitas. 

•Assertiveness in action: how to get your point across with impact.

•Effortless influencing!

•Building effective networks and coalitions to achieve results.

•Life by ‘design’ or life by ‘accident’? Taking charge of your career to make things happen.


in a way that has been recognised by my managers and led to an amazing development opportunity. Without RISE I would never have aimed for it, nor, I believe have been offered it.”

“8 months on from my first RISE session I have gained confidence and self-belief that I have been able to portray

“Thank you for the informative and wonderful programme.  It really motivated me to change my approach and upskilled me in different areas of my job.”

“Putting your tips and tools into practice made me feel more confident.”

“I felt energised with renewed purpose and I have used some of the tools already as have others from my group.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the RISE training last week.  They were fantastic sessions and I took so much away from them.  Now to go away and identify the priority areas to work on.”

“Thanks for such an energising and inspiring programme.  The participants are still talking about it and we’ve had very positive feedback.”

“It was a great event.  Thank you for such a fun-filled and empowering day!”

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