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Recruiting the right Coach for your business

If you are a recruiter who needs to hire external coaches on a short term basis, how do you know whether their approach, the quality of their work and style is right for your specific needs?

It is a very difficult role to recruit for because coaching is not limited to one area of speciality (unlike hiring an IT Programmer). Coaches have a variety of skills and approaches, they will use a multitude of tools and methods in their coaching conversations, and this breadth in their approach can feel very daunting if coaching isn’t also your speciality. How do you know that what they are proposing is going to be right for your people? And the cost of getting it wrong can be very costly, on average £650 – £1000 per coaching session to be specific.

There are a few actions you can take to increase the chances of getting it right:

  • Firstly, ask to see their CV or work profiles which should include a list of clients they have worked with, what their approach is, what tools and models they regularly use, and what their area of speciality is
  • Ask for references – bear in mind that they will only select people who will sing their praises, but regardless, you can prepare a great list of questions to explore whether they are likely to be able to meet your needs
  • All good professional coaches will offer you free set-up meetings – request one to discuss the project, get a feel for their ‘fit’ with the company culture and people, and to discuss the logistics
  • Additionally, build into the agreement that they offer each individual Coachee a free chemistry meeting – this is where they meet with your Coachee as a check to make sure that they get on well with each other and that they both feel that the relationship has the ability to grow and mature, and most importantly, that the Coach has the skills and ability to help achieve the goals
  • Finally and possibly most importantly, check that the Coach has been professionally trained (look for qualifications such as the ILM Level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring) and accredited (by the ICF, the Association for Coaching, the EMCC) as they apply stringent checks on their member’s approach and also require the Coach to operate within their code of conduct

Coaching is a great bespoke solution and one which offers enormous value and benefits to the individual and the company (check out some of the ILM’s report findings at

Getting the right Coach for your company and people does require some effort and checking up front, but don’t let this put you off – the benefits far outweigh the effort. Recruit the right Coach and reap the rewards.


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