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How to Create a Coaching Culture


How to Create a Coaching Culture How to create a coaching culture is a practical and thought-provoking guide to developing a coaching culture in your organisation. It explores how to empower your workforce to achieve higher performance and better business results. Specifically tailored to practitioner needs, it offers an overview of how to link coaching practice to culture and align clearly with organisational and HR strategy and objectives. It uses a combination of practical tools, assessments, scenarios and best practice case studies. This invaluable and comprehensive handbook will equip you to review where your organisation currently is, plan your strategy, pitch it to your key stakeholders, and build a vision covering every stage of the employee lifecycle. It also offers a useful framework for evaluating the benefits of coaching and measuring the return on investment in any type of organisation.


  1. 1 What is a coaching culture?
  2. 2 Is having a coaching culture important for your organisation?
  3. 3 Aligning the coaching culture with organisational strategy; getting the right fit
  4. 4 The key components:
    • 4.1 Board engagement: marketing the concept
    • 4.2 The employee lifecycle – in the context of a coaching culture
    • 4.3 Developing coaching capability within the organisation
  5. 5 Planning and developing the right strategy for your organisation
  6. 6 Measurement tools for evaluating coaching

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