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Have you ever wondered how you can link all of the activities in the business to a single unifying theme? Well now you can with our top coaching tool – Strategy in a Tube (© Emerge – all rights reserved). In our Book – How to Create a Coaching Culture – we explain how this tool can help you identify your overarching game plan for coaching in your organisation.

This tool is a great visual aid to understanding how coaching fits into the overall vision of your organisation. What’s more it’s also a fun and inspiring way to work with your teams to get them to brainstorm and share their ideas on how all activities link together.

This tool gives you the freedom to:

  • Walk through the key strands of your organisation – you literally put the Strategy in a Tube on the floor
  • Clarify what’s important about each activity and how it links to your organisation vision
  • Plan for activities
  • Prioritise the important activities knowing where they fit in the bigger picture
  • See clearly how each activity links together

What is it?

It’s 4′ by 5′ of sheer inspiration. A fully laminated visual aid that contains every aspect of your organisation in one easy to understand diagram. It comes complete with a portable tube so you can use it in workshops and meetings whenever you need. Or you might just want to pin it up on your office wall to act as a daily reminder of where everyting fits in your organisation. Your visual aid is durable enough for you to add sticky notes as ideas come to you, move around, roll-up, take with you to meetings and is completely reusable.

Included with the Strategy in a Tube

  • The “Tube”
  • Your 4′ by 5′ laminated tool
  • Full instructions on how to use the tool
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