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What is Coaching?

Ask ten people and you’ll get ten different answers.  When most people are asked to think about coaching, usually their first thought is that of a sports coach, be it a professional sports coach for an Olympic athlete, or a football coach of their child’s football or rugby team.

If you then ask someone to think about what a business coach does, you’ll get a variety of answers including;

Coaching the new person in the team to get them trained and up to speed

Training someone on a new task, system or process

Helping someone solve a specific problem or challenge

Coaching someone who is failing to perform to the required standard

At Emerge, we have found that the word ‘coaching’ is used to describe many different leadership tasks, from training, to counselling, to performance management. Coaching in its purest sense can be described as ‘unlocking your potential’.

To debunk some of the commonly held myths about workplace coaching;

Coaching helps you to solve your own problems by talking options through with a qualified listener who will ask you powerful questions to release your thinking and help you to get creative

Coaching is great for development be it career development, skill development or performance development – it is not just for remedial purposes (although it can be) and is often an approach used by mentors to help people develop self-reliance and thinking skills

Coaching is not training – training helps people to develop new skills and knowledge and focuses on people being told how to do it. Coaching explores new ways of thinking about problems and the coachee takes the decision about how and what action to take

Coaching is not about telling or giving advice – your coach will probably not be a technical expert and may not have any more knowledge about the situation than you do; their job is to act as a vehicle (hence the word ‘coach’) that helps you to move from your current position, to your desired position.  You are the one who does the thinking and problem solving, not them.

All of the Emerge coaches will use a series of different approaches and tools in your coaching session that they believe will help you as an individual, with your specific needs and preferences.  This might range from a simple coaching model approach that they use as a process to energise and motivate you to take action, right through to very advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools and other psychological approaches that we know work wonders.

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If you are interested in Coaching, read further about Implementing a Coaching Culture, how to Qualify as a Coach, and take a look at how experienced our executive coaches are.

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