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To many, gender parity is all about being fair, but for businesses today it is about access to talent. Female employees are a huge benefit for organisations, however women still face many challenges in climbing the career ladder. Organisations must step up to support women to realise their true potential in their careers and enhance their contributions.
To do this we need to create the right culture.

Offering a development programme as part of your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy creates a safe environment for women to overcome their biggest challenges. RISE also aims to create a supportive community in which participants can be open with how they feel and share their experiences in a completely safe environment.

The RISE programme is a fully blended development solution and additionally offers:

  • An Empowered Women’s Success Programme App
  • A learning zone packed with useful tools
  • An online learning community to share knowledge and experiences

The option to attend a final ‘Celebrate your Uniqueness’ webinar to share their success.

What is ‘it’ that some women have that makes them so successful?
This App reveals the tips, techniques and secrets which are contained in the model:
 ‘The 8 Traits of Successful Women
Gillian Jones-Williams provides a motivating insight into how you can adopt these practices to enhance your own life and career.

About the app

Participants of RISE will also benefit from an innovative learning platform called KOKM – a digital learning hub that compliments their formal learning gained through their experiences on RISE. This platform helps to create communities of learners who can communicate ideas, pose questions and share successes long after the official training programme has finished.

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